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Experience Christmas in Boerne, Texas

Christmas in Boerne, Texas is always an exciting time of the year. Residents and visitors alike spend November and December preparing for the holiday with a number of fun and festive events. From shopping in the historic Main Plaza to live performances in the local theatre, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are […]

The Technology Behind Authentic Custom Homes

At Authentic Custom Homes, we try to stay up to date on technological trends and advancements that could make our company processes more efficient. We believe the best home designers and builders are adaptive and embrace change when it can mean a positive experience for our clients. BuilderTrend We know that building a custom home […]

Tips to Maximize Your Home for Entertaining

One thing we love most about building custom homes and creating unique living spaces is incorporating the value a family places on hosting and entertaining guests. With the holidays just around the corner, we’d like to share some of our must-haves for creating the perfect spaces that keep your guests full, happy, and comfortable (while […]

Don’t Miss It: Fall Event Day at Cordillera Ranch

Fall is in full effect, and we’re excited to share three Cordillera Ranch events with you. This is your chance to enjoy the cooler weather, preview the latest neighborhoods and homes, and meet Cordillera Ranch’s preferred builders. All three events take place on October 22nd. Food, beverages, and entertainment are provided. The event is free, […]

A Custom Home Comfortable For You and Your Pet

For most of us, our four-legged friends are more than just furry companions; they are a part of our families. It may seem silly to take your pet into account when building your custom home. However, taking your pet into consideration will ensure your home is one that everyone can enjoy. Pet-friendly floors Let’s face […]

Meet The Authentic Custom Homes Team

The Authentic Custom Homes team is made up of talented individuals who are committed to delivering beautiful custom home design, custom craftsmanship and an exceptional client experience. It’s important for our clients, and potential clients, to know the people in our office, their responsibilities, and how they contribute to the design-build process. Danielle West-Service Coordinator […]

What Is A Punch List?

The punch list is a checklist of updates to be completed in the home prior to move-in. During walkthroughs, the homeowner and construction manager work together to inspect every area of the house and identify rooms and features that need attention. Everything from floors and walls to windows and appliances are assessed closely. Items that […]

How to Manage Construction Delays

Construction delays are often unexpected and frustrating. Custom homes take on average 9-12 months to complete, depending on the site work and home complexity. And no one wants to be told that their move-in date has been pushed back. While the design-build process is tightly managed, sometimes unexpected issues arise that can potentially cause delays. […]

4 Signs You’ve Chosen a Trustworthy Custom Home Builder

Choosing a home builder you can trust is the most crucial element in the custom home building process. Sure, you can choose a builder based on their experience or portfolio; however, we’ve found that choosing a builder based on their values and business model can lead to an exceptional customer experience and a one-of-a-kind home. Whether […]

Meet Kenzy Sharp: My Internship At Authentic Custom Homes

Summer is always a busy time for us. We are finishing custom homes as new projects begin. At Authentic Custom Homes, we are committed to our involvement in the community and love opportunities to collaborate, which is why hosting a summer intern is always a rewarding experience. During her time at ACH, intern Kenzy Sharp […]

Tips for Savvy Electrical Design that Make Your Life Easier

We recently completed the electrical walk through for our spec home in Cordillera Ranch, and while it may not be the most exciting activity in the custom home building process, the electrical walk through is essential. During the electrical walk through, the client, decorator, electrician, VP of construction and construction coordinator meet to review the […]

3 Secrets to Keep Your Custom Home Cool During the Summer

Let’s face it. Texas summers are synonymous with extreme heat. If you’re currently building a custom home, you have the unique advantage of planning ahead and making strategic decisions to combat the heat. We’re all into sharing our Green initiative tips with you, so here are our top 3 most effective tips to keep your […]