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What Do You Mean Green Building?

Green building insulationOur team is native to Texas, and out of the love for our Texas land, we want to maximize our resources and design and build homes that compliment our beautiful community. As a Certified Green Professional, Israel Peña has already incorporated methods into his building practices that either meet or exceed many program standards.

To Authentic Custom Homes, “Building Green” means being conscientious, in every facet of our business, from daily operations, design, construction and warranty. Starting with the design phase, we carefully assess the land and blend the home with the natural amenities of the site, capturing views and preserving trees. We take extra effort to minimize disturbance during construction. We incorporate quality energy efficient products. We have implemented schedules that maximize productivity which requires less energy. We remain up to date on advances in technology and how it impacts the home, the homeowner and the end product we build.

Increased Comfort

  • When building a green home you start with good design and sensitivity to orientation. When orientation is not ideal use deep porches and/or other methods of shading large glass areas from direct sun.
  • Controlling humidity and indoor air quality can be accomplished easily with the correct equipment and proper planning. Ideal indoor humidity should be between 40% and 50%.
  • High quality vinyl or wood windows with double pane, low-e glass are a must for controlling heat transfer, especially when windows are not shaded.

Lower operating costs and utility bills

Energy efficient air-conditioning equipment, appliances and lighting will lower energy consumption and pay for themselves.

Increased value!

At Authentic Custom Homes, we focus on utilizing energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable materials and technologies. As a Green Certified Builder, we construct homes that exceed Energy Star and are verified by National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). By surpassing these stringent standards set forth by both the U.S. Government and independent agencies, our clients make their homes work smarter for them, saving money year after year utility and maintenance bills over the life of their home. We back support energy efficient technology with on-site testing to ensure performance, providing an added layer of confidence for our clients.