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How to select land that is most suited for you!

Today we spent time with a couple from out of town, helping them evaluate lots in Cordillera Ranch. They are new to the Texas Hill Country and want to take advantage of our beautiful land. We meet with many people who realize that the options are vast and can be overwhelming. If there are sales representatives in the area that you are considering, it is valuable to work with them to help you get started. Often they know the qualities of the land better than anyone and can point you to the best views, the best trees, or the best front exposure. Primarily you will consider the financial investment needed to buy the property you are looking for.

The placement of the home on each individual property is going to significantly impact the other site related costs. For example, if you select a lot that has the building site towards the back, you will need to explore the costs for a driveway and utility connections. If the lot is sloped, you will need to explore the construction costs to build your home on a hill.

When the lot selection task seems daunting or once you narrow your search down to a unique set of lots, it is a great time to partner with a design/build professional to help you start to visualize the possibilities. We love this opportunity!

We begin this process by listening to the needs and wants of our clients. Is a long distance view important, are the stands of trees important, is an outdoor eating area important, are you anticipating including a pool? We want to know how you plan to use your outdoor space in order for us to best evaluate a lot.

The possibilities for orienting the house on the lot is a big consideration. If you want to spend your evenings grilling outside on the deck, than orienting your home to avoid the evening western sun is appropriate. The south east breezes are the most prominent and desirable. If you dream about enjoying your morning coffee on the porch then avoiding the morning eastern sun is going to be important.

We also want to maximize the views, whether they are views of the sunset in the hills or views of the wild life in your trees. We enjoy helping you visualize the possibilities that will create the environment you want.

I’ve written and said this before, but we have the experience necessary to envision your home on your property in a way that blends the exterior and interior of your home to capture the views and the natural beauty of your property. Our integrated design-build approach keeps designers and builders under a single roof to develop home plans that fit our clients’ vision.