Custom home builders

All builder’s marketing materials say the same thing…

“Within budget”…”on time”….”quality workmanship”…”superior service”…”positive experience”….”lasting relationships”…if you are currently shopping for a home designer and/or builder you have heard these phrases over and over. And while they are legitimate and worthy of the truth, they don’t distinguish one builder from another, and they are each subjective phrases. So while you consider who will be your partner in creating your home, think to yourself “what are the top 3-5 aspects of our new home and the process that are the most important to me and my family?” If you decide that quality, budget and service are your highest priorities than develop a list of questions that will make it clear to you whether a designer/builder can deliver on these aspects of the process. For me to tell you, “our materials are all high quality” doesn’t very well prove to you anything. However, if I show you a variety of options within our framing methods, our insulation product and our a/c systems than you can decide if these represent “quality materials.” Furthermore, toasting to your newly poured foundation with a glass of champagne, might not be your idea of superior service.

My point is that our team at Authentic Custom Homes makes it our priority to understand your expectations and your desired experience and we work to deliver on that. We are unique in many ways: our design experience, our design talent, our construction experience and our genuine care about what you experience and receive. Please let me know how I can help you understand the details of the design/build process. – Adrianne Carnes, Director of Operations