Boerne, Texas is growing

Goodness Gracious Boerne is Growing!

If you have a history in Boerne, like I do, you know that our Main Street has more vehicles driving on it than ever before. We have more schools than we thought possible and certainly more retail and dining places. While this might resemble an influx of strangers, it is still HOME and personally a special place.

Boerne is growing

If you are new to Boerne, you might see a quaint community with darling shops and bakeries and a beautiful park system. I am writing this blog to you, the folks from out of town. What you are noticing is our Southern Charm.

“Where we’d rather have a man in boots and blue jeans than a knight in shining armor.” We are polite, we are respectful and friendly. We love ice tea and candied pecans and if realistic, we would drag our lawn chairs to Main Street for a game of cards.

At Authentic Custom Homes we express this charm in the details of our homes. Whether your personal style favors “Old World” or “Texas Hill Country” we add something special to every home we design and build. So often people contact us and say “I don’t know what it is about your homes, but we just love them.” We know what it is and we’d love the opportunity to talk about with everyone. We know how to interpret the essence of Southern Charm into your home!