Efficient home design is the best way to save money

Making Luxury Choices More Affordable

Designing a custom home allows your family to create an environment for comfortable and stylish living, and striking the right balance between a high-end appearance and budgetary responsibility can be a tough proposition!

We get so many questions about affordable alternative materials that over the next few months I’ll be doing a series of posts looking at creative options in these areas. These alternatives complement any custom home style without breaking the bank.

The best way to save is with great design

When thinking about ways that can save money on your custom home build, it’s tempting to jump straight to the details: laminate instead of granite, or carpet instead of hardwood.

Something we’ve learned in the 20+ years of experience of Authentic Custom Homes being in business is that efficient home design is the best way to save money.

  1. Design – Floor plans and elevations should make the best use of space and light
  2. Lot placement – Living rooms and kitchens that face west cost more to cool
  3. Decorative materials – There are many affordable alternatives to expensive materials
  4. “Green” materials – Building green features into a custom home can make it more efficient over time

We make sure the entire living space — the home itself — is designed with efficiency and beauty in mind.

Key design features

Floor plans and elevations

Custom home elevationYour custom home’s exterior is the first thing guests see, and sets the stage for the feeling of the entire home. By using a variation of exterior materials readily available in the Hill Country, we can create drama and a great first impression that doesn’t take your entire budget.






Front entries

Affordable design custom homeThe front entry is essential to creating a feeling and mood as your guests wait to be welcomed into your home, and it doesn’t take an expensive marble floor to make a statement.

Drama can instead be created with high ceilings, a sparkling chandelier, a ceiling treatment, or a decorative inlay in the flooring.






Energy efficient custom homeDeep porches and adequate shading are key to keeping cool during the hot Hill Country summers, and high quality windows with double pane, low-e glass are a must for controlling heat transfer and keeping electricity bills manageable.

The size of your porches are relative to your custom home’s size and position on your property, but we make the best use of views and natural light to ensure you can use these outdoor spaces throughout the year.




Throughout the home

Natural light as custom home materialAt Authentic Custom Homes we use natural light as a material — skylights, solar tubes, and multi-story windows contribute to a custom home’s personality

Wall niches, transoms, ceiling treatments, and built-in storage are all features that add character and drama without adding expense. Natural light is a material we’ve got plenty of in the Hill Country, and skylights, solar tubes, and multi-story windows make our custom homes warm and bright.

Stay tuned for more great info

It’s easier than you think to have luxury, economy, and even eco-friendly choices in one custom home package. Stay tuned for great info on how decisions about lot placement, decorative materials, and green living features can make your custom home more affordable!

What do you want in your custom home?

Authentic Custom Homes has worked with hundreds of families to create unique homes with quality materials at budgets that make sense. If you’d like to build your ideal custom home this year, contact us today to learn how we can bring your vision to life.