Sherwin Williams color forecast 2014

Sherwin Williams Offers More Subtle 2014 Color Forecast

Your newly designed home is an expression of your family’s unique personality, and one of the most fun ways to showcase your style is through paint colors. There are seemingly thousands from which to choose, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed (“Should we get Impulsive Purple or African Violet?”).

Sherwin Williams’ annual Color Forecast guides us as we select the paint colors and set the tone for your home.

2014 Color Forecast

Sherwin Williams’ 2014 Color Forecast includes four palettes for home design — Reasoned, Diaphanous, Curiosity, and Intrinsic — that point to a marked change in tastes over last year. Gone are the darker shades, deep mineral tones, retro pastels, and high voltage “look-at-me-colors” of 2013, replaced with more suggestive themes that leave plenty of room for individual statements in custom home design.


For this year, the “Reasoned” color scheme is based on solid, logical grays and practical but soothing blacks and whites. The combinations offer an opportunity to create patterns from shadows and negative spaces to highlight rather than overpower structural elements. This palette is ideal for spaces where you want your custom home’s architecture to shine.

Anchored by Extra White at one end of the color progression opposite Tricorn Black, “Reasoned” moves through a darkening series of grays from Crushed Ice to Peppercorn. Taken together, the palette is suggestive of classic geometric design.


The “Diaphanous” colors create a similar look in shades of delicate tans and chiffons that is equally understated, but warmer. The translucence echoes the currently popular “soft touch” materials in electronics and makes for seamless, smooth surfaces that are simple, but strong. This palette is perfect for rooms that you want to have a relaxed, feminine feel.

The lightest shade in this palette is Westhighland White and the darkest are Balanced Beige and Sandbank. Spun Sugar has just a suggestion of pink, while Nonchalant White hints at elements of green.


“Curiosity” harkens back to the mineral tones of 2013, but here the shades are stronger with bolder suggested combinations, from the dull warmth of Show Stopper Red to the blue-green appeal of Blue Peacock. Paired with Quixotic Plum or Relic Bronze, the “Curiosity” colors are perfect choices to subtly dial up the drama of a room without shrinking the space.


The “Intrinsic” colors brighten the picture, bringing in the purplish look of Dynamo alongside Raucous Orange and Georgian Bay blue. Here the look is one of native arts and crafts, primary colors with folkloric refinement — ideal for small spaces that need to make big statements. Want your workroom or personal “cave” to say something definite about you? Look to these colors to find your inner Bohemian.

Bring life to your home design

As the forecast says, “the state of color is always fluid.” This year Sherwin Williams suggests more graduated and complimentary combinations that slightly tone down last year’s look. The resulting play of light and shadow should make for fresh and light interior design color options.

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