5 elements of your custom home master bathroom

Choosing Design Elements for Your Master Bathroom

More than just a room dedicated to personal hygiene, the master bathroom in your custom home is a relaxing getaway you can visit every day. Whether your tastes are simple or you want to recreate the feeling of your favorite day spa, there are five basic elements we help you choose to make your master bathroom look and feel exactly the way you want.

Set the mood with your bathtub

For many of our clients, the bathtub is the focal point of their bathroom. What could be better than a tub with a view of your Hill Country home’s lush lawn, or more luxurious than a soaking tub with jets and bubblers that rivals any hot tub?

  • If your taste runs toward traditional, or even vintage, décor, you might like a free standing, clawfoot tub.
  • If you prefer contemporary design, an extra-deep soaking tub (also called a garden tub) set under a window might be better.
  • You should also consider whether you want a tub for two, and if you want your tub to have jets for a true spa experience.

Whatever bathtub we select, you should know that hot water is a key element of any bath. To make sure your tub only runs cold when you want it to, we install a water heater that is large enough to give you all the hot water you need.

Bathtub custom home bathroom design

Add elegance with your shower

If the bathtub is the focal point of your master bathroom, the shower is most likely the next most important element. Things we consider regarding shower design include:

  • Do you want your shower separate from your tub? A tub/shower combo can maximize the space in a smaller bathroom.
  • What type of enclosure do you prefer? For tub/shower combos, we can select framed or frameless shower doors, or opt for a tile surround and a shower curtain.
  • The shower head: while low-flow shower heads are fairly standard, there are many different options, including wall-mounted sprayers — which we can add to one or both ends of the shower — or shower heads that mimic rainfall, for a gentle, meditative shower experience.

Shower options in custom home bathroom design

Make a statement with flooring

The floor of your master bathroom is both a way to unleash a little creativity, as well as an important safety feature.

  • Traditional ceramic tile isn’t harmed by water, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. We love including custom detailing that adds pops of color and personality.
  • Extending the tile floor into the shower enclosure is great for making a room look bigger, or an open shower feel a bit fancier. If you love the spa feel, this is how to achieve it.
  • Textured tile like slate or stone can provide dramatic impact as well as prevent slipping on the wet floor.

Tile options in custom home bathroom design

Add color with countertops

Countertops and backsplashes in your master bathroom can make or break the feel of the whole space.

  • Light colors make a bathroom feel bright and clean, and make the space feel larger.
  • Dark colors can add an air of elegance or romance to the master bathroom.

If you will be sharing your master bathroom, “his and hers” sinks can be an amazing time (and relationship!) saver, especially if storage and counter space are also equally divided. We include his and hers power receptacles in our designs as well, so there’s plenty of room for hair dryers and electric razors.

Countertop options in custom home bathroom design

Complete your design with hardware

Details like drawer pulls, faucet styles, and choice of mirrors and towel bars are the things that pull a master bathroom together, giving everything that final personal touch.

  • Traditional design elements include porcelain knobs and pulls and more delicate plumbing fixtures, as well as round mirrors.
  • A more contemporary look features burnished steel, chrome, and frosted glass. You might choose a single long, rectangular mirror that spans the length of your counter, rather than smaller, individual mirrors.

Hardware options in custom home bathroom design

We design dream bathrooms

Whether you want a romantic retreat with a vintage feel or a contemporary space that reminds you of your favorite day spa, we have the expertise to design and build the master bathroom of your dreams.

Visit our portfolio to see just some of the custom homes and master bathrooms we’ve built.