Protect hardwood floors in your luxury home

Protecting Wood Floors in Your Luxury Home

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many luxury custom homes. Not only does it look sophisticated, it’s also better for people with allergies; it doesn’t trap fur or pollen the way carpeted floors can.

In order to truly reap the benefits of having hardwood floors in your custom home, it’s important that you learn to protect and maintain them. No fancy tools are required; instead, hardwood flooring will look its best as long as you follow basic care steps.

How to clean and care for hardwood floors

The regular cleaning routine for your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it can be broken down into three basic steps: routine maintenance, damage and dirt prevention, and regular refinishing.

Routine maintenance

  • For general cleaning, use a dust-mop or vacuum cleaner that has a setting specific to hard surfaces. Swiffer pads also work well.
  • For spills or sticky messes, use a damp mop or a wet Swiffer.
  • Never use a wet mop, as water can seep into the crevices between floor boards and damage the entire floor.

Damage and dirt prevention

One of the best ways to protect your hardwood flooring is to keep water, dirt, and grit off the floor and keep the surface scratch free.

  • Use washable mats or rubber-backed rugs in places like the kitchen where spills are likely. Washing a mat is much simpler than having to get the mop!
  • Use mats both inside and outside all doors, to avoid tracking dirt and grime onto the floor.
  • Always use floor protectors under the legs of chairs, tables, and sofas, and be sure that you use a pad, mat, or towel when moving furniture.
  • Never walk on your hardwood floor while wearing narrow high-heeled shoes, golf shoes, cleats, or hobnail boots.

Regular refinishing

Even the best-cared-for hardwood floors still have to be refinished every few years. While many people call in professionals to handle this task, it’s not really that difficult.

  • Sweep and/or mop, so that you begin with a clean, dry surface.
  • Sand the floor lightly. This helps even the color and texture.
  • Apply fresh coats of polyurethane finish until your hardwood flooring looks shiny and new once more.

Here’s a great video that takes you through step by step:

This process can be a little intimidating the first time, but it can be a fun weekend family project.

Care for your floors and they’ll care for you

Hardwood floors that are well-maintained will look fantastic for many years, without a great deal of work or expense.

For specific ideas about how you can incorporate hardwood flooring into your custom home, be sure to visit our portfolio.