Adding built-in storage to your custom home

Adding Built-In Storage To Your Custom Home

The great thing about building a custom home is your ability to build everything just the way you want — including storage solutions. From closets to mudrooms, there are dozens of ways to maximize storage, reduce clutter, and make your custom home work for you.

Custom closets and shelving

Master closet in custom built home

Closets do not have to be a “one-design-fits-all” storage option — maybe you need extra space for shoes, or more room to hang suits and long dresses.

Think about your current closet situation. Do you wish you had more room for folded clothes, or a built-in solution for storing your favorite jewelry? We can design your dream closet space in your custom home, or make suggestions for even better ways to maximize space.




Drop zones and mudrooms

Drop zone custom built home

Your entryway is the first impression of your home, but it is also a high-traffic area prone to clutter.

We often incorporate stylish storage areas (called “drop zones”) into a home’s entryway design. These are great places for your family and guests to leave shoes, hang coats, or store umbrellas, and they fit neatly into your home’s look and feel.

For gardeners, golfers, and other outdoorsy types, a mudroom can be ideal. Leave muddy shoes, wet coats, sports equipment, and other dirty items here to avoid tracking it all into your home. We can even install a sink or shower in this space, depending on your family’s needs.

Garage storage

Workstation in custom built home

Cars take up the bulk of a garage’s floorspace, but with some creative thinking you can make the walls and ceiling another storage hub.

Storage shelves in the pitched areas of your garage are a great place to put holiday and special occasion decorations that you only use once a year, but have to store year-round.

For those who like to build or tinker, having a custom garage workstation with plenty of storage is a dream come true.

Let’s build something together

If you are thinking of building a custom home in Texas Hill Country, we can help. Whether you want more storage or are looking to downsize, we will work with you to design and build a custom home that is truly unique.

Visit our portfolio now to see what we can create for clients just like you.