Develop the vision for your custom dream home

Developing the Vision for Your Custom Dream Home

You’ve got a lot of great ideas for your custom home design, but how can you go about deciding what your home really needs in order to be functional and comfortable? In order to ensure that your home is the perfect fit for your family, there are several things you should keep in mind when it comes to design.

Who is home?

Who will live in your home? Obviously you need to have an appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but you need to dig deeper — a single person has different needs for his or her home than does a young family, a retired couple, or a couple who plans to have their in-laws move in.

Do you want to throw big dinner parties or have frequent house guests? You may want more and bigger living spaces, an outdoor grill and entertainment area, and a separate bed-and-bath suite for visitors.

Do you or a loved one have physical impairments? Non-slip floorings, doors wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and grab bars in showers and tubs may need to be incorporated into your home.

Are you planning to remain in your home for years? It can be hard to anticipate every life change, but if you are planning to remain in your custom home for more than a decade you should do some long-term planning. For example, aging can make it difficult to go up and down stairs so you might consider adding in safety features to avoid potential future challenges.

Develop the vision for your custom dream home

Incorporate your interests

When thinking about the layout of your dream home, remember to evaluate any hobbies you have or activities you enjoy, and adjust your space accordingly.

  • Do you want your grand piano to have pride of place in a living room or music room?
  • Do you want a custom media room where you can watch movies and play video games?
  • Do you want a library for your book collection or a sewing room with plenty of storage for all your materials?

Work with your designer to include these spaces in your custom home design, and don’t forget to discuss your storage needs. Do you need extra space for all your holiday decorations or surfboards?

Adding built-in storage to your custom home is just another way to make your home perfect for you.

Develop the vision for your custom dream home

Don’t forget about budget

Once you’ve got a list of your needs and wants, it’s time to come up with a budget and prioritize your list. Do you really need marble floors in the kitchen and all the bathrooms, or would you rather opt for a more affordable tile and put that money toward a custom-built dining room table?

Research your style

Websites like Pinterest can be a great resource for helping you develop your vision for your custom home — and if you haven’t visited Houzz for design inspiration you are missing out!

Use websites like these to discover your style — your favorite colors and layouts and furniture — and put some visual context around your wishlist.

Knowing what you like (and don’t like) from the beginning makes it easier for you and our design team to work together to design your dream home.

One warning, though: As with any large project involving a big budget, you have to manage your expectations. You might love that Italian marble countertop you see on Houzz, but it might not be something you can afford.

Develop the vision for your custom dream home

Make a house your home

The secret to building your dream home is to know what you need and want, and to find a trustworthy builder on whom you can rely to bring your vision to life while staying in your budget.

We’ve been building homes in the Texas Hill Country for almost three decades, and specialize in custom homes that fit your exact needs and tastes. Be sure to visit our portfolio to see an array of our custom homes.