Classic custom home design trends

Home Design Trends That Will Be In Demand for Years

Designing a custom home doesn’t mean you have to update its decor every year or get stuck with outdated trends. Here are three classic choices that never go out of style, and will keep your custom home looking great for many years.

Give me some room

When it comes to entertaining guests or keeping rooms neat and tidy, room capacity is important.

Incorporating a large kitchen, living room, and garage into your custom home design provides extra space to accommodate your every need. Whether you have the whole family over for Thanksgiving or need to store all your winter gear for the summer, large rooms provide your home with versatility and extra space.

Furthermore, a super-sized garage can come in handy and accommodate a number of functions—additional bedrooms, band practice, an exercise room, or even more storage.

Home design trends large spaces

Lastly, including an office in your custom home design gives you a quiet space in which you can store important documents and work from home.

 Home design trends home office

Bring the outdoors in (and vice versa)

Hill Country summers are notoriously hot, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside.

Increase the living space in your custom home by adding an outdoor area that is covered and protected, but still open to the outdoors.

Home design trends indoor-outdoor

Want an open, airy feeling without having to go outside? We can help you design an indoor-outdoor transition (using floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding doors, and skylights) that lets you feel the outdoor experience from inside your home.

Home design trends large windows

Add personality with little details

Designing a custom home is all about catering to your exact tastes. Adding personal touches through custom flooring, bath fixtures, appliances, storage solutions, wall colors, and more is what will truly make it your home.

Luxury touches to do not have to break the budget, and making a statement does not always mean using the fanciest materials.

Home design trends luxury choices

Make it yours

Whether your tastes lean toward trendy or classic, what’s most important when designing your custom home is that you end up with a home you love.

We specialize in designing and building custom homes that fit our clients’ every need. Visit our portfolio to see just some of the homes we’ve built in the last 30 years, or contact us today to discuss how we can make your dream home a reality.