Affordable green home living

Making Luxury Affordable: Green Living

The third article in our “Making Luxury Affordable” series takes us back to the beginning of the custom home build process. I’ve talked about how home design and your home’s placement on your lot can work together to keep your custom home’s build budget reasonable; now it’s time to go back and talk about the decisions we make throughout the build to make sure your home is affordable for years to come.

Keeping heat where it belongs — outside!

We construct your home with many energy-saving features (including windows with double pane, low-e glass, high quality insulation, and properly-installed house wraps) that keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter, and your utility bills down all year long.

Green living: Keeping heat outside

Installing beautiful, energy-efficient appliances

We make sure that every appliance we install is energy-efficient and consistent with your custom home’s design and your family’s needs.

Green living: energy efficient appliances

Any shade but toxic

Conventional paints contain chemicals that can contribute to pollution, smog, and even indoor air quality problems.

These toxins can be released from the paint not only while it’s being applied, but even after it’s dry!

Instead of using these toxic options, we use zero- or low-VOC paint on all of our walls that looks great and is completely safe.

Green living: low VOC paint

Busting green living myths

I’ve heard so many green living myths — they can’t be comfortable or stylish, building one is too expensive — and I don’t want you to believe any of them.

By working with a trustworthy builder who knows how to properly implement green features, you will end up with a home that is energy-efficient and is exactly how you dreamed.

Green living myths

We make luxury homes affordable

We’ve been building custom homes in the Texas Hill Country for almost 30 years, and can help you design and build the home you’ve always wanted.

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