Finding the design style for your custom home

The Secret to Finding Your Design Style

Last week I wrote about developing the vision for your custom home, and this week I want to spend a little more time on finding your “style.” You don’t have to know the difference between Craftsman and Colonial when building your home, but you do need to be able to show and talk about what you like when meeting with your designer.

Fortunately there’s an easy (and fun) way to discover your perfect design style.

Create your “Idea Book”

When it comes to design it’s almost always easier to use pictures than words — which is easier, describing your favorite shade of yellow, or finding a picture of something that is that color?

An Idea Book is the place for you to include images you find inspirational, beautiful, and perfect for your custom home.

Your book can be physical, with clippings from magazines, fabric swatches, and paint chips, or completely digital, like a series of Pinterest boards or an Ideabook on Houzz.

Include anything that you love and that inspires you: images of home exteriors or interiors, of closets, countertops, furniture pieces, artwork, lighting fixtures, tiles, fabrics, textures…the list goes on.

Your Idea Book can take whatever form and include anything you want — the idea is to have lots of examples of things you love to show to your custom home builder.

Idea Books make it easier

There are three main benefits to having your Idea Book ready when talking with a home designer:

  1. It helps you show exactly which styles, designs, and colors you like (and don’t like).
  2. It gets everyone on the same page, which makes conversations about design and budget go more smoothly.
  3. It can inspire your designer to craft something even better than what you found.

Get inspired on Houzz

One of the websites most of our clients visit to find inspiration is Houzz, the leading platform for home design and remodeling.

Not only can you search through millions of photos to find images that showcase your style, you can compile those images into Ideabooks and share them directly with your designer.

Don’t have a designer yet? No problem! You can follow and communicate directly with local builders you’re thinking about hiring to build your custom home.

Visit our profile out Houzz to check out our designs and ask questions. We’re happy to help you find your perfect style for your custom home!