Benefits of developing your custom home floor plan with Authentic Custom Homes

Benefits of Developing a Custom Home Floor Plan with Our Team

As I mentioned last week, we’re happy to work with clients who come to us with a floor plan already designed. However, there are three big benefits to going through the entire process, including floor plan design, with our creative team.

Benefit 1: Our designers know our process

Different custom home builders have different processes, and things always go more smoothly when each step in a custom home’s design follows the same process.

Our home designers and project managers know the Authentic Custom Homes approach backwards and forwards, and are able to take advantage of extra efficiencies while also heading off potential challenges.

Benefit 2: We nip budget issues in the bud

When designing a client’s custom home, we ensure that not only are their lifestyle needs met, but also their financial needs — developing your custom home’s floor plan with our team allows us to make more accurate estimates.

These discussions include financing and mortgage details as well as tracking home build milestones, resulting in a custom home that is affordable and meets your vision.

Benefit 3: Our design-build process is truly integrated

Many custom home builders hire floor plan developers and designers from outside the company, which can cause ballooning budgets, a lack of communication, and ultimately a custom home that just isn’t what you pictured.

In contrast, our home designers, interior designers, and project managers are all under one roof. We all work together from day one to prepare your perfect floor plan.

Let’s get started

Whether you’ve got a floor plan you love or want to start from scratch, we’re glad to discuss your needs for a custom home design and build.

Visit our portfolio to see our designs, or contact us today to talk with us about your custom home needs!