Add custom home style with kitchen backsplashes

Add Custom Style with These 6 Splashy Backsplashes

From entertaining guests to cooking with the family, your custom home’s kitchen is a perfect place to create countless memories. This special place in your home should be as unique as you, and one of the easiest ways to add a personal touch is by using a unique backsplash. Here’s a few that we love.

Custom kitchen backsplashes

1. Add elegance with dark tile

Darker tiles with darker wood creates a calm, elegant feel. Adding an insert of smaller artistic tile creates a focal point for your custom kitchen.

2. Go retro-inspired

Bring back old school. This tile pattern gives this kitchen a vintage feel while contracting nicely with the modern flooring and appliance.

3. Incorporate your favorite color

Use your favorite color to add even more of you to your one-of-a kind kitchen. Green tile looks great in this light-colored kitchen and gives the room a fun burst of color.

4. Mix-and-match for extra personality

Want more personality? Using several types of complementary tiles can add the pizazz you are looking for, especially to a smaller space.

5. Be bold with pattern

Try arranging brightly-patterned tile into its own new pattern to create your backsplash. Feeling daring? Extend the pattern to your range hood. Go for it!

6. Don’t be afraid of texture

Textured backsplashes add eye-catching dimensions to your kitchen, and gives the space an ultra-contemporary feel.

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