Custom home design for all ages

Custom Home Design for All Ages

When planning the design and build of your custom home, it’s easy to develop a vision for where you are right now — current hobbies, young couple, one child, etc. Since I hope that you’ll live in your home for many years, though, it’s important to plan for the future as well.

Whether you’re hoping to have a second child or know that you’ll live in your home as you age, there’s a way to plan now while designing and building your home so that it is comfortable and safe for everyone.

Leave room to grow

Kids’ spaces are all about fun and safety (especially for the younger ones), but it’s important to make bedrooms, bathrooms, and playrooms flexible enough to grow as the child does.

  • Experiment with wall colors – Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room, and is easy enough to do when Jane’s favorite color changes from purple to orange (my favorite trend: chalkboard paint).
  • Invest in modular furniture – Modular cribs and beds come in all colors and styles — kids grow fast, so this can be a good investment.
  • Storage, storage, storage – We all know kids mean a lot of stuff. Make sure you’ve got “a place for everything” by installing plenty of storage.
  • Softer is better – Hardwood floors are popular, but they’re hard on little knees. Area and throw rugs are a great — and washable — way to add style and comfort.
  • Have room for hobbies – Dedicate a corner of your child’s bedroom to his or her favorite hobby, whether it’s dress-up or practicing the trumpet.

Custom home design for kids spaces

Plan for your future, too

If you are planning to live in your custom home for many years, or believe that you may one day invite an aging loved one to live with you, now is the time to add extra comfort and safety features to your home.

  • Improve light switch and outlet placement – Move light switches lower on walls and outlets higher to prevent unnecessary or dangerous stretching or stooping.
  • Prevent slipping in bathrooms – Install grab bars and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents.
  • Keep hallways easy to navigate – Wide doorways and hallways with slip-resistant flooring make it easier for those in wheelchairs to move around comfortably. Add extra lighting in darker spaces.
  • Make opening and closing easy – Doorknobs can be difficult for arthritic hands. Using levers on doors makes them easier to open, and they look just as nice.

Custom home design for aging in place

Let’s make a plan

Designing and building your dream home is challenging, and it’s our job to make the process easy — from the biggest questions (should we make the hallways wheelchair-accessible?) to the smallest details.

Ready to build your custom home this year? Contact us today to get started. We’ve been designing and building homes in the Texas Hill Country for nearly 30 years, and will work with you to make your dream a reality.