June is National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month!

What does the American Dream mean to you? For many people it means owning their own home. June is National Homeownership Month, a time for us to reflect on the joys and challenges of home ownership, and how it enhances our lives and communities.

6 benefits of homeownership

At its simplest, a home is a place to hang your hat and stow your stuff. However, it’s also an investment in your family and future, providing a secure, safe place that provides many benefits.

Tax deductions

  • Mortgage tax and property tax are usually fully deductible.
  • Many closing costs (for home purchases) are deductible as well.


  • A home is a safe, steady investment — if you take good care of it, its value increases while your debt decreases.
  • National median home price has risen every year since 1968, even in our current recession.


  • The portion of your home and property you actually own rises with every house payment.
  • You can’t build equity renting.
  • Getting your equity and appreciation up high enough can allow you to purchase a bigger and better home for your needs.

Borrowing power

  • Use the equity in your home to get a loan or line of credit, which can help you make home improvements, pay for college, and many other things.


  • Having a fixed-rate mortgage is easier than paying constantly-rising rent rates.
  • Owning your own home gives you a vested interest in preserving and growing your community.


  • Party all night in your backyard or play Rachmaninoff as loud as you want.
  • Paint the walls aquamarine, hang pictures, and otherwise make your home yours. Plus there’s no landlord to fine you for scratched baseboards.

3 benefits of building a custom home

Designing and building a custom home gives you all these benefits plus three more:

  1. “Custom” is the name of the game — pick every material and fixture, from floor to ceiling. Showcases your personality and give every detail a personal touch.
  2. Working with a reliable home designer/builder means you know your home is designed and constructed well and of high-quality materials.
  3. New homes are often built in new developments or master-planned communities, which offer amenities like great locations, recreational facilities, walking trails, and more.

Make this the year you become a homeowner

Whether you build or buy, owning a home is an incredible source of pride and contentment. Isn’t it time you had some of the American Dream?

If you’d like to build a custom home, I hope you’ll consider us. We’ve been building homes in the Texas Hill Country for almost three decades, and would love to help make your vision a reality. Visit our portfolio or contact us today to talk about your needs.