Making luxury home design affordable with decorative decisions

Making Luxury Affordable: Decorative Decisions

Welcome to the fourth and last article in our “Making Luxury Affordable” series! I’ve talked about how home design and your home’s placement on your lot can work together to keep your custom home’s build budget reasonable, and how some basic green living techniques can help keep bills low; now we can focus on what most people think of when they hear “home design.”

When it comes to the little details, homeowners want higher quality products but worry about the added expense. Thanks to a range of new materials from countertop surfaces to alternative wood flooring, it’s easier than ever for us to incorporate luxury, economy, and even eco-friendly choices into your custom home.

Innovative countertop materials

It doesn’t take more than an episode or two of an HGTV design show for new homeowners to start thinking expensive silestone kitchen countertops are their only option for an upscale look in their custom home.

Fortunately we know that these materials aren’t the only countertop of choice when creating a look worthy of a master chef.

Other options include granite or marble, both of which come in many patterns and colors. Long-lasting and beautiful, they lend a more organic feel to a space than does a man-made material like silestone or quartz.

Home design countertops

Creative cabinet choices

Customization always represents a major cost in cabinet installation. If there is any area of custom home design where spending a little more makes sense, it’s on cabinets that fit your kitchen and are functional and creative.

Some stylistic decisions, however, can lower the expense. For example, you can incorporate a touch of Old World Europe by leaving some of your cabinets open. Although this approach means you’ll have to keep those areas neat and tidy, leaving off the doors is an attractive and less costly alternative.

Custom home design cabinets

New bathroom flooring options

Marble and tile (with travertine being popular on those HGTV shows I just mentioned) have been the traditional options in bathroom design because of their resistance to water and humidity — but there are lots of other materials that look great and function just as well.

Stained concrete is a rising trend, as is natural stone (although it’s harder to keep clean).

We tend to think of tile as traditional, but there are thousands of beautiful styles, sizes, and colors from which to choose. You can even add a little something special by using a traditional tile and incorporating glass or marble accents.

Custom home design bathroom tiles

Alternative hardwood floors

Hardwood floors have become popular for their rich look and ease of care (read simple tips for protecting hardwood floors).

Solid wood floors are lovely, but can eat up budget — especially if the area you want to have hardwood floors is large.

Engineered wood floors are more affordable, and the textures and graining they provide bring warmth to any custom home design.

Custom home design engineered hardwood

What do you want in your new custom home?

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