Save money with green home innovations

Save Money (and the Environment) with These Green Innovations

Do you remember “The Home of the Future” from 1950s television and magazines? We may not have flying cars that run on water, but we can build green homes that are better for the earth, our wallets, and look amazing, too.

Manage your costs with a green home

Green certified builders like us use materials, techniques, and tools to build custom homes with energy ratings better than the national average — higher efficiency means a more comfortable home and lower bills no matter the season.

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Save money with energy-efficient appliances

Energy efficient or Energy Star appliances used to cost a lot. As the technology gets better, it’s easier to find affordable, efficient appliances that look beautiful, too.

Conserve and reuse water

Water is a precious resource, especially in the Texas Hill Country.

Installing rainwater catchment systems gives you a greener way to water your lawn and indoor plants, wash your car, and many other things — some of our clients have even installed special filtration systems so they can use the rainwater for drinking.

Let there be (energy efficient) light

Not every light bulb is as amazing as this light that is powered by plant-eating bacteria, but there are lots of energy efficient lighting sources you can include in your home — everything from those curly light bulbs to LED canopy lights.

Go green with us

The demand for electricity is increasing, which means prices have nowhere to go but up. Fortunately green technologies are innovating quickly, and it’s easier than ever to include green features in every area of your custom home.

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