Would you live in any of these unique custom homes?

Would You Live in Any of These Unique Homes?

We believe custom homes should be as unique as their owners. Although the homes featured in this post weren’t designed or built by us, I like to think of them as inspiration.

We love designing and building custom homes that showcase the owners’ individual personalities; that’s why I tell all our clients, “If you can dream it, we can build it.”

Can you picture yourself living in one of these homes?

Indoor-outdoor living

If you’re an outdoors junkie, this home is perfect for you! With multiple porches and a partially enclosed outdoor living room, this three-story home provides a lot of indoor-outdoor space (and fresh air!).

Whether you’re hosting a party for the neighbors or simply relaxing with the family, this home is sure to provide comfortable gathering spaces for everyone to get in on the fun!

Unique home: indoor-outdoor

Bigger isn’t always better

Living in luxury doesn’t necessarily mean a big house. This quaint, lovely home makes the perfect couples’ getaway.

With a lofted bedroom and built-in storage anywhere there’s space for it, this tiny house has a surprising amount of living space (and is probably very easy to keep tidy).

Unique home: tiny house

Making a statement

The Texas Hill Country has some of the most breathtaking views around, so why not enjoy them from your very own see-through pool?

Imagine swimming up to the edge after a long day at work, enjoying the sunset over the countryside. I love how this pool makes a bold statement and adds drama to the design.

Unique home: see-through pool

We can build it

Although some of the homes we’ve seen may be a little too unique, they show the many amazing ways you can make a space your own.

Visit our portfolio to see some of our own unique custom home designs. Ready to build? Contact us now.