Custom home design: amazing murals in a secret loft

Amazing Murals in a Secret Loft

When we design our clients’ homes, we believe no dream is too big — a little imagination can lead to amazing things. So when one of our clients not only wanted a secret loft, but also wanted that loft to have a mural inspired by C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, we got excited. Check out the progress we’ve made so far; one room is already done!

The planning behind the idea

The secret loft was the perfect place to embody the spirit of The Chronicles of Narnia. With plenty of wall space available, these incredibly skilled painters sketched out and painted in a large mural depicting details and concepts from the book — everything from green forests and meadows to the gleaming ocean.

My favorite thing about these murals is their amazing details; the fireplace looks so real you might even think you can feel the flames, and the ocean is so big it seems to go on forever!

Once we got going in the loft it was too hard to stop — so we also turned the homeowners’ laundry room into a tropical beach scene.

Check out the gallery of amazing artwork below. A special thanks to Cheryl Martinez from Creative Painting for the incredible work!

We bring your imagination to life

Whether it’s a secret loft with an escape to Narnia or those his-and-hers retreats you’ve always wanted, we can make your imagination a reality.

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