Custom home design flooring options

Furnishing Your Floors: Our 5 Favorite Floor Coverings

Neutral carpet and dark hardwoods are popular in custom home design, but they’re not your only options. There are many materials — in different styles and colors — you can use to add personality to your custom home.

Stay cool with tile

Tile is practical, affordable, easy to maintain, comes in hundreds of styles, and — best of all in our Hill Country summers — is cool on your feet.

Tile doesn’t have to be uniform or boring. By mixing and matching different sizes, textures, and colors we can create custom floor designs that stand out instead of blending in.

Custom home design flooring: tile

Keep warm with carpet

Carpet isn’t always ideal for high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways, but is a great way to add warmth and comfort to bedrooms.

Want something soft and stylish but not a fan of carpet? Rugs come in all sizes and styles, and give your feet somewhere comfortable to rest while also letting your tile or hardwood floors shine.

Custom home design flooring: rugs and carpet

Add elegance with hardwood

Hardwood is a popular flooring choice, and not just because HGTV says so; they’re easy to maintain and look beautiful

Custom home design flooring: hardwood

Make a statement with marble

It’s not just for countertops anymore! Marble is great for adding a luxury feel to your custom home. We use marble most often in entryways — where it makes quite the statement to guests as they enter — and bathrooms, where it creates a lovely spa feel.

Custom home design flooring: marble

Go modern with stained concrete

Stained concrete adds a modern flair to your space. It’s easy to maintain and stays cooler during the hot Hill Country summers.

Custom home design flooring: stained concrete

We design and build from the floor up

Whether you want tile or carpet, hardwood or marble — or a little of each — in your custom home, we can design and build exactly what you want.

Visit our portfolio to see just a few of our custom homes, or contact us to start building your new home in Boerne today.