Hill Country home design style

What is the “Hill Country” Home Design Style?

Anyone who lives in or has been to the Texas Hill Country will tell you all about its beautiful landscapes and views. So it’s not a bit surprising to us that many of our custom home designs are inspired by the beauty that is all around us.

The Hill Country style

The Hill Country home design style exudes traditional elegance, which is created through simplicity of materials and detail in construction. Tall ceilings and plenty of windows make these homes feel light and relaxed. The rustic, simple nature of this style embodies the Hill Country, allowing you to bring the outdoors in.

What all the fuss is about

Timeless design

The Hill Country style is popular because it provides elegant, timeless home designs that never go out of style. Influenced by local materials, the style provides a country feel with a modern touch. This style is also flexible, and can be made more traditional or contemporary depending on your tastes

Hill Country design style: timeless design

Striking exteriors

These homes are defined by their custom, detailed construction and use of local materials (such as white, cream, and gold stone). They are unique without being fussy or pretentious.

Hill Country design style: exteriors

Cozy interiors

Custom stone and wood details create a comfortable, cozy environment. With plenty of space to get together, your home will be the perfect gathering place.

Hill Country design style: interior design

It’s all about the view

The Hill Country is famous for its views, and the Hill Country home style is famous for making those views part of the design. Floor-to-ceiling windows and indoor-outdoor rooms provide great entertaining spaces or quiet retreats for relaxation, all while surrounded by the Hill Country’s natural wonders.

Hill Country design style: scenic views

We build Hill Country homes

Whether you prefer simple or detailed, traditional or modern, we can design and build a custom home that fits all your needs. Visit our portfolio to see more of our Hill Country inspired custom homes.

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