Green home living: rainwater catchment

Green Living 101: Rainwater Catchment Systems

I’ve written before about some cool ways to go green, and today I want to focus on one of the common features we design and build in our custom homes: rainwater catchment.

Rainwater catchments are a form of rainwater harvesting, or a sustainable method of recycling water. Water can be hard to come by here in the Hill Country, so having a system like this can give you extra water for your plants, dishes, or even your laundry!

How rainwater catchments work

Rainwater catchments come in a variety of shapes and sizes; many are designed and installed by professionals, but there are lots of DIY options available if you’re the hands-on type.

Catchments “catch” rainfall as it comes down, either piping it directly onto your yard as irrigation, or into some type of basin that homeowners can filter and access when they need water for washing dishes, watering houseplants, etc.

Benefits and drawbacks

Using rainwater catchments can help reduce your water bills, and may even provide an additional water source in times of drought or natural disaster.

The main drawback to rainwater catchments is their complexity and cost. Depending on what you want your system to do, it may need to be designed and installed by a professional.

Also, if you live in a dry area like Boerne and the Hill Country, you will want to consider that a rainwater catchment system will need back up — you’ll probably want to be hooked up to city water or dig a well on your property. And of course it means you’ll have less extra water coming into the system.

Hill Country green resources

Whether you are interested in rainwater catchments, solar panels, or simply in doing your part to help the environment, check out these resources to learn ways you can help conserve the Hill Country’s natural beauty:

  • The Hill Country Alliance – Building awareness and community support around the need to preserve the natural resources and heritage of the Texas Hill Country. Shares the latest conservation-related news and event information.
  • Cibolo Nature Center – Promoting conservation of natural resources through education and stewardship. Family-focused nature tours, education, and events.

Start living greener

Whether you choose a simple catchment system or one that is more complex, recycling rainwater is a sustainable method that can help reduce your utility bill and live a little bit greener.

As a green certified builder, we can incorporate a rainwater catchment system — and dozens of other green features — into your custom home.

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