Custom home design trend: exposed ceiling beams

Texas Custom Home Design Trend: Exposed Ceiling Beams

If you’re looking for a way to add drama to your custom home, look no further than one of the Hill Country’s most popular home design trends: exposed ceiling beams.

2 great things about exposed beams

There’s a reason this trend is so popular in both contemporary and traditional design:

  • Exposed beams can make your home feel larger and brighter
  • Exposed beams are beautiful and versatile

A typical ceiling is perfect for most rooms, but adding exposed beams to your kitchen or living room can add that dramatic touch that makes you (and your guests) say “Wow!”

Make it fancy or keep it simple

Whether you love detailed carvings or simple straight lights, there are many beam style options from which to choose. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match design styles!

Custom home design trend: exposed ceiling beams

Pick your favorite shade

Just like there are dozens of shades of hardwood for your floors, the options for exposed beam colors are almost limitless. Staining is a great way to bring in the exact shade that you want, but some of our clients enjoy using wood with a simple clear coat so that the grain shines through.

Custom home design trend: exposed ceiling beams

Do something different

Your exposed beam ceiling doesn’t have to look exactly like the ones you see in magazines; mix it up with unique patterns, or bring in some extra brightness with a skylight.

Custom home design trend: exposed ceiling beams

Don’t forget your walls

Ceilings are a great place to use exposed beams, but we also love putting them in doorways, arches, and windows. This can make an open-plan home feel larger while also pulling multiple styles together.

Custom home design trend: exposed ceiling beams

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