Custom home decor: paint choices

Painting Your Home the Perfect Shade of Beautiful

I’ve written before that floor coverings don’t have to be boring, and the same goes for wall coverings.

Adding just a dash of color to a room can give it a completely different feeling; if you’re looking for a way to put your unique stamp on a space, look no further than a few coats of paint!

Selecting the right color

There are thousands — possibly millions — of paint color options. How can you choose the perfect one?

One of our favorite tricks is to pick a color that fits a particular room’s environment or purpose.

For example, bright colors are great for lively spaces like dining rooms and kitchens, while light blues, greys, and greens are best for creating a soothing or spa-like feel in bedrooms and bathrooms.

What if you love bright red and want it in every room? Go for it! Picking colors that match your home’s environment are important, and you are a part of that environment — use the colors you like most.

Choosing the right paint colors for your custom home

Make a statement

Love a certain color but don’t want it to overwhelm everything else in the room? One popular option is to paint a single wall your chosen shade, and keep the other three (and the ceiling) neutral.

I’ve also seen homes where it’s the ceiling that gets the special treatment.

  • Other recent trends include:
  • Stenciling or stripes
  • Faux concrete or wood finish
  • Linen texture

Check out Pinterest for more painting techniques.

Choosing the right paint color for your custom home

Tips for DIYers

It used to be that taping small paint chips to your walls was the only way to compare paint colors without investing in gallons of it.

Fortunately places like Sherwin Williams now sell samples of many of their popular shades.

Purchasing a few of these and painting on sections of your walls lets you see the color more clearly, at all times of day and in all kinds of light; the small amount you invest in these samples is well worth it when compared to the time and expense of re-painting an entire room because you ended up not liking a color you purchased multiple gallons of.

Grab a brush

Painting your walls doesn’t have to be a scary decision — can actually be one of the more fun home improvements!

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