Pros and cons of a one- or two-story custom home

Should I Build a One-Story or Two-Story Home?

Many people dream about having a two-story home, while others think it would be heaven to have every room on the same floor.

Sometimes this decision is made for you — building a large one-story home in downtown Boston isn’t possible — but if you’ve got room to spread out or up, choosing to build a one-story or two-story home is personal choice.

Let’s go over some of the pros and cons.

Pros: Defined spaces and aesthetic appeal

Having two stories makes it easier to separate public and private spaces in your home — bedrooms and playrooms (and their typical clutter) remain on one level while you entertain friends and family on a separate level. Depending on the amount of space used upstairs, there can sometimes be a cost savings to choosing a two-story.

Building a two-story home also gives you the opportunity to include a sweeping staircase, columns and arches, or a second-floor balcony or porch that add a sense of drama to your space.

Cons: Safety concerns and damage control

Going up and down stairs a half-dozen times a day can be challenging for healthy people, to say nothing of older or younger individuals who may have walking or balance problems. You may need to add handrails, carpeting, or an elevator to make traveling up and down easier and safer.

Overflowing bathtubs and leaking commodes can cause plenty of damage in any home, but may cause more of it in a two-story home; a leak in a second-floor bathroom may cause damage to the ceiling of first-floor rooms.

It’s a personal choice

With all of the technology and design options available to homeowners these days, sometimes the decision to build a one- or two-story home is one of simple preference.

  • Balconies, arches, and all those great aesthetic details can be included in a home of any size.
  • Green technologies mean new homes, no matter how big, are properly insulated and easier to keep comfortable year-round.
  • Adding safety features is also easier than ever.

Additionally, in the last few years split-level homes — two-story homes with a one-story feel — have become more popular.

What does your dream home look like?

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