Sherwin Williams 2015 color forecast

2015 Color Forecast: Big and Bold

Your paint choices say a lot about you, and are one of the quickest ways to add a personal touch to your custom home. Inspiration can come from anywhere, something Sherwin Williams emphasizes beautifully with their 2015 Color Forecast. Here’s a quick look at the color palettes we can use to set the tone for your custom home this year.

2015 Color Forecast

This year’s color forecast takes us far from 2014’s. Last year’s colors were light, dreamy, and textured; this year’s are flatter, bolder, and more brilliant.


The “Chrysalis” color scheme is cool and soothing, perfect for those needing a retreat from the noise and chaos of modern life. Nature is the inspiration for this palette, with light blues and grays prominently featured.

These colors are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, meditation areas, or any space in which you want to be relaxed and calm. Natural, textured fibers go well with these colors, as do soft fabrics.


“Voyage” colors are deep and bold, perfect for adult spaces that need just a touch of magic. This palette contains a wide range of colors inspired by all the places to which we have journeyed, from the deepest blue seas to the darkest of night skies.

Modern furnishing and accessories go well with this palette.


“Buoyant” brings us back to earth, then sends us across the world to celebrate life in all its beauty.

This palette is inspired by bright florals and lush rainforests, a way to incorporate exotic colors into your custom home. Wood furniture acts as a strong natural balance to these lively colors, while flower and green plant accents re-emphasize their boldness.

These are perfect shades for making kitchens and indoor-outdoor spaces bright and cheery.


Inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle, “Unrestrained” colors are aptly named: they are unashamedly bold, bright, and beautiful. They make great additions to dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and any other spaces you really want to show off.

Add in some textured furniture and patterned accessories and you’ll have the perfect space for entertaining.

Are you inspired?

If you’re planning to build a custom home this year, now is the time to put your design plan — including wall colors — in place.

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