Custom home design: front door

4 Front Doors We Really Want to Open

Your front door is one of the first hints to your guests of the style and beauty of your custom home. It should be solid and strong to keep your family safe, and it’s also an opportunity to showcase your personality.

Here’s four front doors we really want to open.

Modern-traditional mix

Custom home design: front door

With its classic divided light window and modern arched top, this powder coated steel front door is the perfect mix of old and new. The owners of this home will be a mix of the two as well — grounded in tradition and excited for a little modern twist.

(This is the front door to our model home in Cordillera Ranch, 73 Winged Foot. Contact us about pricing and to schedule a tour!)

The courtyard gate

Custom home design: front door

One hallmark of the Mediterranean home style is the courtyard — a large, comfortable space for entertaining and a private sanctuary for your family.

This gate is a modern interpretation of the classic carriage house style door. Small windows retain privacy while also giving guests a sneak peek at what they’ll see inside.

Cozy cottage

Custom home design: front door

In a word, charming. Matching shutters and white pillars give this home a classic feel.

The stand-out

Custom home design: front door

Few things in life are better than a red front door. It stands out against the white stone, and tells guests that the people inside are warm, friendly, and maybe just a little bit adventurous.

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