Protecting marble floors in your luxury home

Protecting Marble Floors in Your Luxury Home

Installing marble tile in your custom home is a great way to give your space a luxurious, elegant feel — unfortunately it’s not the easiest material to maintain. There are several things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your marble floors looking great.

Avoid water and moisture

Marble is such a sensitive material that even a water stain can wear out or stain its surface — especially in an area like the Hill Country, which is known for its hard water.

Never spilling anything probably isn’t possible, so your rule of thumb should be to wipe up any spills as quickly as possible and make sure you don’t leave any wetness behind.

Clean with a neutral PH disinfectant

Once you know that marble is sensitive to something as simple as water, it should come as no surprise that using harsh, acidic/alkaline cleansers will break marble down as well. Even acidic foods and drinks like orange or lemon juice and tomatoes can cause problems.

Wipe up any food or drink spills quickly, and invest in natural cleansers with a neutral PH. This is especially important if the marble in question is your kitchen counters.

Pick up your furniture (and feet)

Marble is softer than most of our clients expect, and we recommend they avoid dragging anything (furniture, boxes, even dirty shoes) across it. You can purchase furniture sliders at many home improvement stores — they’re affordable and will save you the heartache of a scratched marble floor.

We choose the right materials for your home

Even though marble is a beautiful material, it’s not right for every home. Our team designs and builds homes customized to fit our clients’ exact needs — whether it’s wall-to-wall marble or carpeting. Browse our portfolio to see the range of homes we’ve designed and built.