Prepare your custom home for a Hill Country spring

Tips on Getting Ready for a Texas Hill Country Spring

Despite the surprise cold snaps in February, spring is definitely in the air in Boerne and the Texas Hill Country. Here are some tips to help you get your home ready for what I know is going to be a gorgeous spring season!

Prepare your home for a Hill Country Spring

Get serious about storage

Having adequate storage space in your home is critical, especially when it’s time to pack away bulky coats and other winter gear — or those holiday decorations you haven’t gotten around to putting away.

There’s lots of ways to add built-in storage to your custom home, and we’ve got dozens of great, simple DIY tips on our storage solutions Pinterest board.

Do some spring cleaning

Some people dive right into this and deep-clean every inch of their home; if you’re short on time and energy, take it slow and do what you can.

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum floors to get rid of accumulated dust
  • Switch out heavy winter blankets and flannel with light quilts and cotton
  • Give your mudroom a good scrubbing
  • Change outdoor light bulbs and make sure patio furniture is clean and functional

Start planning spring planting

Clear your lawn of dead leaves and prune back any winter-damaged or dead plants and foliage.

Then take a trip to the nearest lawn and garden store and pick out some bright blooms to welcome the spring!

[Bluebonnet image: Jeff P]