What is the French Country home design style

What is the “French Country” Home Design Style?

Despite the distance between them, the Texas Hill Country and the French countryside are remarkably similar — it’s no surprise that designers and homeowners have taken inspiration from “across the Pond.”

The French Country home style

French Country homes take their inspiration from the rustic manors of the French countryside. Their stateliness and formality is balanced by softer romantic touches such as round towers and hidden entryways.

Why we love French Country

Impressive exteriors

With their high-pitched roofs and elegant archways, French Country homes look particularly great on large properties and in upscale suburban neighborhoods. And because they tend to utilize stone, stucco, and brick, they fit nicely alongside other design styles popular in this area (like Mediterranean and Hill Country).

Romantic touches

French Country homes have a bit of a “fairy tale” feel, with round towers, hidden entryways, and architectural details like arched entrances and windows. The use of natural colors — grays, browns, and blues — lend to this feeling.

French Country home design style

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