How Long Does it Take to Build My Custom Home?

“How long will it take to build my custom home?” is a question our team gets a lot.

While the home design process takes about three months and can be affected by multiple factors, how long the build takes really depends on a single factor.

Making timely decisions

  • Keeping your custom home build on track means making decisions on time and sticking to them.
  • Building a custom home is a linear process: before we can hook up appliances, we have to choose countertops, and before we can choose countertops we have to add the backsplash.
  • Delaying just one of these decisions can cause a kind of backup that snowballs and makes the build take longer.
  • The more efficiently we can work together to make decisions, the smoother your custom home build is likely to go.

Communication is key

  • Communication is just as important during a custom home’s build as it is during its design.
  • Our web-based project management tool keeps you in constant contact with our team, making decisions easier to communicate and coordinate.

Ready to build your custom dream home?

  • We’ve been designing and building custom homes in Boerne for more than 30 years, and we would love to bring your dream to life.
  • Visit our portfolio to see just a few of our homes, and give us a call at 830.816.7100 when you’re ready to build your custom home!