Quiz: Is Your Design Style Modern or Traditional?

I’ve written before about ways to find your design style, and this week I want to share a quiz that will help you decide quickly between two big-picture design styles: modern and traditional.

#1 – Which color is your favorite?


#2 – Which dining room set do you prefer?


#3 – Which wall covering do you like most?


#4 – Which flooring is your favorite?


#5 – Which window treatment do you like most?


Answer key

If you chose mostly left-side photos – Modern is your preferred design style. You enjoy clean lines and curves, cool colors, stained concrete floors, and chrome furniture.

If you chose mostly right-side photos – You’re the traditional type. You gravitate toward natural materials, and you’ve got a soft spot for bold splashes of color and antique furniture.

What’s your style?

No matter which style category you fall into — some people like features of both — we can incorporate that style into your custom home.

Want to learn more about your design style? Download our free interactive workbook to design your custom home!

[Stainless steel dining set photo: Progression by Design]