Social Media and the Home Design Process

Social media has taken the world by storm, with hundreds of tools and applications invented to make life easier. Two of our favorite platforms to use when designing and building a custom home are Pinterest and Houzz. These popular visual-based social sharing sites are transforming homes; making it easier on a client to communicate their likes and dislikes with real world design examples.


Why we love it…

PinterPinterest_Badge_Redest is a social bookmarking site where users can create an unlimited number of mood boards that can inspire design in every room of a house. Users can upload their own photos, share images they’ve found online or simply “re-pin” images other users in their network have pinned. With over five million interior design photos shared each day, there is no shortage of design inspiration.

Things to remember…

Be sure to expand your network beyond family and friends. Follow people and companies that inspire you or that have similar tastes and styles.

Create different boards to keep the things you like organized. Individual boards for each room help you maintain a cohesive look.


Why we love it…

houzz_logoHouzz is a dynamic platform targeted specifically to homeowners that are renovating and building. It is focused entirely on architecture, interior design, landscaping and home improvement. Users have access to millions of interior and exterior design photos, professional articles, home design experts and a user forum where they can discuss design ideas in depth. On Houzz, users are able to research and connect with design professionals in their area.

Much like the boards on Pinterest, users browse photos and then save their favorites in an “ideabook.” Everyone can create an ideabook, but unlike Pinterest, all of the content is created and uploaded by real design professionals.

Things to remember…

Take advantage of the network of expert professionals by asking questions. Houzz is a great place for home design conversation. You can learn all sorts of tips,tricks and hints just by reaching out.

Many of the dream homes we design and build are born from online inspiration. Authentic Custom Homes interacts with our clients on both Pinterest and Houzz. We would love to see what inspires you. Contact us today to share your pins and ideabooks with us.