A Home for Every Ability

We are privileged to design and build custom homes that are as unique as the people who live in them. One of our most recent projects was an ADA-compliant home for a couple in Cordillera Ranch. The pair of retirees wanted a stylish, custom home that would also accommodate the wife’s motorized wheelchair.

Every homeowner should be able to enjoy an elegant, comfortable and accessible home regardless of their physical abilities. Here are just a few details that can make the biggest difference.

Easy Access

Accessibility and functionality are the key components to building an ADA-compliant home. No matter a person’s limitations, they should be able to move through their home easily and efficiently. A home with an open floor plan and wide doors and entrances allows someone in a motorized wheelchair the freedom to move from room to room without any barriers. It also helps to limit the number of stairs and thresholds and select a durable floor material that is easy to maneuver.

Home Automation

KitchenHome automation features like motion sensors and remote controls make it easier to accomplish everyday tasks like turning on lights and lowering shades. We love to incorporate faucets that turn on and off by touch and features that are operated by remote control. This allows a homeowner to operate the window shades, lighting, security cameras, and entertainment system with the touch of a button. The use of a patient transfer system or lift also makes bathing in a tub or swimming in a pool much easier.

Special Touches

A tremendous amount of thought goes into the design and build of every custom home. When it comes to building for someone with physical bathroomlimitations, extra special consideration is made for every space. In the bathroom, vanities should be the proper height to accommodate a wheelchair. Kitchens should rely on drawers, rather than cabinets, to store items and conceal microwaves and other appliances. Ranges with controls in the front rather than on top are another nice feature.

At Authentic Custom Homes, our goal is to design homes with features that allow families to function more independently at home. Read more about the wheelchair accessible home we built in the latest issue of Coridllera Ranch Living Magazine.