A New Take on the Hill Country Home

Homes built in the Texas Hill Country are as unique as the surrounding areas that inspire their design. While Hill Country design is considered traditional in nature, there are ways you can tweak the style to incorporate more modern touches and avoid appearing overly rustic.

Defining Traditional Hill Country Style

The Texas Hill Country style can be achieved by designing a home that is native Generisk CIALIS to the area. Architecture in the Texas Hill Country is heavily influenced by European settlers who used locally available white limestone and cedar to construct their homes. These structures are typically built with native stone exteriors, fireplaces, standing seam metal roofs, front porches, cedar posts and brackets.

Redefining the Look

A custom home should be an inspired design that incorporates special touches that mirror your personal style. One of the greatest aspects of Hill Country design style is its flexibility that allows the marriage of multiple concepts. Here are a few options to consider if you’re looking for a contemporary take on this traditional style of home:

  • Consider a modern farmhouse style with Hill Country accents
  • Add color to the shutters, the interior walls and possibly the cabinets
  • Choose horizontal siding, rather than vertical
  • Select a brighter color for the siding, rather than a neutral cream
  • Change the pitch of the roof or the style of the porch columns. Features like lower pitched roofs and steel columns/brackets, rather than cedar, give homes a more modern look. You can still incorporate cedar elements into your design by using a smooth cedar with a lighter, simpler shape.

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