Homeowner Profile: The Wellers

When Terry and Rick Weller began contemplating retirement, they considered leaving their home in Houston and planting roots elsewhere. They considered settling in Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or North Carolina. When they ultimately decided to stay in Texas, they chose to move to Cordillera Ranch and build the custom home of their dreams.

Now that their 4,273 square foot home is complete, hdmi extenders we wanted to know more about the design-build process from their perspective and why they chose to call the Hill Country their home.

We always knew we wanted to live around a body of water and close to a major airport and hospital. We explored a number of options and considered moving close to Lake Travis or Lake LBJ, however nothing there really excited us. Since we were leaving everything behind in Houston, we wanted to move to a community where we could be active and meet new friends. Six or seven years ago, we were exploring the Texas Hill Country and followed the signs for Cordillera Ranch. There must have been something special about Cordillera Ranch because we kept going back and eventually decided to build our home here.

One of the things we love most about living in Cordillera Ranch is the people we have met. We were never members of a country club or golf course community before moving here. Our initial plan was to sell our home in Houston, move into the area, live in a rental and see if we were meeting people before the building process. Almost immediately we began meeting friends that made us feel comfortable and decided not to delay the building process any longer. We began taking golf lessons and are extremely involved in the community clubs. There is always something to do!

We didn’t go through an intensive process when selecting Authentic Custom Homes as our builder. Since we were unfamiliar with the area, we wanted to choose one of Cordillera Ranch’s preferred builders. We toured a house that was designed by Authentic Custom Homes, and Terry fell in love. That began our discussion with Authentic Custom Homes and lead to the eventual design of our home. 

The best way to describe our home’s style is Spanish colonial or Santa Barbara elegant. We wanted a simple design with high ceilings and big beams. Rick required a minimum 3-car garage with a workshop. We both love movies, so we added a media room. Once the house was completed, we added a bocce court as another way to get people outside and entertain. Entertaining is important to us, so that really inspired the flow of the main living space. We always hosted parties in Houston so we wanted a front porch and a courtyard in the back.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite space in our new home because there are several that we love. The dining room is gorgeous and has an exquisite view of the courtyard. The outdoor

living space is one of Rick’s favorites. We can enjoy breakfast outside while taking in the sounds of the Hill Country. Other unique features in the house are our media room and Rick’s gaming room downstairs. Everything we need is on the first floor of our home. We also included an elevator shaft, for future use, that serves as a wine cellar for now.

We immediately hit it off with the people at Authentic Custom Homes. Both Adrianne and Israel are enjoyable and always made us feel comfortable. We really liked our interaction with them. Also, they’re a family-owned business with credibility, which was important to us.

We will be honest. Designing and building a custom home isn’t easy. There were unexpected changes during the process, but Adrianne and the team proactively communicated with us as they came up. In the beginning, Adrianne referred us to Legacy Mutual Mortgage for our financing. As we went through the loan procedure, the requirements and the process overwhelmed us. Adrianne helped us significantly by thinking creatively and ensuring that we met our goal on time and at the expected value at closing. 

Often when people build new homes, they have a slab party to celebrate construction. We decided to have a framing party so friends and family could get a better idea of the floor plan. Authentic Custom Homes offered to help with the party. Not only did they help; they hosted it. They ordered and sent the invitations and supplied all of the refreshments. We wanted it to be a charitable event with the donations collected benefiting the Cibolo Nature Center. Authentic Custom Homes turned around and matched the donations. This just gives you a better idea of the charitable nature of the company and how they go above and beyond for their clients.

We recommend choosing your builder based on the company’s experience, portfolio and the feeling you get when you meet with them. It’s important to have in-depth discussions with your designer about the style of your home. Ask questions like, “What comes standard with this style in your homes? How will you accommodate the design we have in mind?” Having these discussions upfront helps ensure that you end up with the style you envision. 

We would absolutely recommend Authentic Custom Homes to anyone who is looking to design and build a home in the Boerne area. They took care of things for us to minimize the amount of stress we experienced, and the outcome was amazing. They are fair, and they always do what is right to maintain their reputation and deliver a quality product.

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