Dining Rooms: Designed for Family and Giving Thanks

From hosting a holiday dinner party to gathering around the table for a weeknight family meal, the dining room is a center for community, connectivity and celebration in many homes. The space has great potential, especially in custom homes, so make sure you are taking advantage of all your dining room has to offer. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we like to reflect on a few of our favorite dining rooms and the features that make them great living spaces.


If the room is too formal, it runs the risk of only being used for special occasions. Why not design a stylish, functional room in a prime location to help ensure it’s a room that is used year-round?


Carefully-selected colors and decor can turn a formal dining room into a relaxing place to entertain. Are you clean and simple? Traditional and country? Or a bit more modern? Transfer your home’s vibe across every room, and you’ll ensure spaces that compliment each other and feel like home every day of the year.

Some homeowners prefer the formal dining room to be positioned at the front of the home, giving a grand impression upon entry. Others move their dining rooms to the back of the house to take advantage of large, floor-to-ceiling windows that proudly display sunrises or sunsets.


Dining rooms vary by shape and size, and so does the furniture in them. Whether you choose a rectangular or round table, it’s important to have adequate, comfortable seating for you and your guests. Plan for the gatherings you would typically have in one year and estimate how many guests you would expect at one time. Then select a table and seating setup that can properly accommodate any party.

Here are a few other features that enhance your dining space:

  • Position the dining room close to the kitchen to make transferring dishes easier, especially when entertaining.
  • Install lighting that can be dimmed for added ambience.
  • Choose your view: your home’s layout is entirely up to you, so place your dining room in a spot that is pleasing.
  • Select a builder you trust and who is easy to communicate with. You want to make sure you are all on the same page, and a trusted builder can also help bring your vision to life.