By the Fireplace is the Place to Be

When the unpredictable Texas temperatures finally make their highly anticipated dip below the 70 degree mark, nothing beats sitting by a roaring fire in the comfort of your home. While fireplaces were originally meant as a home’s primary source of heat, over the years they have become a central focal point in living rooms, dining rooms, outdoor patios, and even bathrooms.

Most people choose to put their fireplace in the most used room in the house, which could be a family room or living room. Others opt for fireplaces in the master bedroom or on the outdoor patio. The size and shape of a fireplace is largely determined by the room’s size and layout.

Corner fireplaces are great a great option for smaller spaces. They occupy less space than a traditional fireplace and can transform the corner of a room into a practical, functional space with a more dynamic shape.

The material surrounding a fireplace is what really gives it character. Brick, concrete, plaster, stone and tile are just a few options to consider.

We love adding fireplaces to our home design. Here are some of our favorites:

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