Decorator’s Corner: 2016 Home Design Trends

For over 17 years, Kim Gauntt has worked with Authentic Custom Homes to deliver one-of-a-kind home designs in the Texas Hill Country. As our team’s decorator, Kim works closely with our clients to learn their lifestyle and understand their needs. She asks the right questions to develop a sense of how they will live in their home and then becomes a tour guide, helping them through the selection process.

By working with Kim, our homeowners receive the one-on-one attention they deserve and peace of mind knowing that all of their decisions are communicated back to the project manager. In addition, Kim stays on top of the latest trends, so our clients are exposed to modern home design technologies and techniques. We asked Kim about 2016’s home design trends, and here’s what she had to say:

One of the things we’re using more, and a trend that I am loving, are different finishes on granite and marble countertops. Rather than a traditional smooth, polished look, our clients are choosing granite and marble surfaces that have texture to it. Also known as leathered granite, the finished result is slightly more dimpled, orange peel-like look. Depending on the density of the materials in the granite, each one will leather differently, making each surface unique. Homeowners who are tired of the formal look of traditional polished granites and marbles are opting for the leathered look. An added bonus is that you don’t have to worry about acidic products etching the surface since it already has somewhat of an etched look to it.

Clean, simple looks are also on-trend, especially when it comes to plumbing fixtures and paint colors. One of the latest trends for plumbing fixtures is a polished nickel finish that is warmer than chrome. In regards to paint, we are seeing more clients choose consistent paint colors throughout the house. Many homeowners are painting the wall and trim the same color, but then adding a different sheen for a more dynamic look. For example, the trim color may be a semi-gloss paint, and the walls would either be a flat or an eggshell paint. The consistent color scheme and variation of finishes gives a rich, simple, clean look that is really popular right now.

At Authentic Custom Homes, we want our clients to experience a streamlined design selection process where their style, vision and lifestyle influence every decision. Look for more design trends and tips in the coming months!