Homeowner Profile – The Davises

One of the most extraordinary things about our business is how different each of our homeowners are. Their homes are reflections of themselves, with rooms and spaces that are purposeful to their family and lifestyle. The Davises are a unique, young family who contacted us to help them in their pursuit of a life of connection and simplicity. In just 9 short months, we built a beautiful hilltop home overlooking the Texas Hill County, where they enjoy time with their family, their dogs and even a few chickens.

We bought our property 13 years ago with dreams of one day building a custom home. At the time, all we could afford was the property. Years passed and we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for work, and after five years in Tulsa we were ready to move back to Texas and begin the process of building our dream home.

Set157When we first moved to Boerne, we would drive around looking at homes. We were referred to a number of different home builders. Authentic Custom Homes wasn’t the first builder we went to, but after Mr. Pena asked if he could bring his lawn chair out to our property and sit for a while to think, we were sold. We wanted very specific features in our home that many builders wouldn’t accommodate. We quickly learned that Authentic Custom Homes would give us exactly what we wanted.

We began building our home February 5, 2015 on 55 acres off of Highway 46 on one of the highest points in Kendall County. Just a little over 9 months later we moved into a beautiful 3,500 square foot home with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The home was built to accommodate us and our four children ages 11, 9, 7 and 5.

From the very beginning, we wanted the home to feel as if you just stepped into the Alamo. We wanted the exterior stone to have a specific look so it appeared older and weathered. The dark interiors, detailed wood, textured walls, and natural colors all work together to achieve the Spanish-style home we were going for.

We didn’t want rooms that we would not use at least 70% of the time. For example, we did without a traditional, formal dining since it was a room we would only use once a year for holidays or special occasions. When it came to building, it was important to make the square footage count.

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time so it was important that this was a functional, well thought out space. On any given day I (Danielle) am cooking a variety of snacks and meals for my family. From homemade yogurt and granola to specialty breads, we try to make as much of our food at home as possible. We raise chickens on our property so we have farm fresh eggs, and most of the meat we eat has been hunted by my husband. Our kitchen has a large, 10’ x 5’ island where we serve all of our meals. It has a large rotisserie oven and a big copper sink that changes colors every time something spills. Authentic Custom Homes said our kitchen is the largest kitchen they’ve built for a house this size.

Set62The large, picture windows throughout the house that gives us an incredible 340 degree view of the Texas Hill Country and our children. Our kids spend a majority of their time outside and being able to see them when they’re playing is a huge bonus.

Building a home with Authentic Custom Homes was a one-of-a-kind experience. Their team really listens to their clients. Israel designed our home exactly to our specifications. Their follow-up and communication throughout the whole process has been outstanding.