When Worlds Collide: Designing a Custom Home Everyone Will Love

There are hundreds of decisions to make when designing and building a custom home, and often not everyone in the household has the same ideas or taste. Differences in agreement can complicate an already challenging process. Here’s our expert advice on how to build a custom home everyone will love.

Set Goals

Clients should first agree on goals for their home build project. This is the first and most important task. Establishing goals at the beginning of the process creates realistic expectations and is a good baseline for reference over time. Questions to ask include:

  • What do we want life to look like in our new house? Determining how you want to function in the house once it is complete is really important.
  • What is our budget window?
  • What is our design style? Are we old-world are modern? What current design trends would we like to make a priority for our home?
  • When do we prefer to move in?

Compromise is Key

Style and vision inevitably vary from person to person. When two people are involved in planning a home together, one word comes to mind. Compromise, compromise, compromise. We can’t emphasize this enough. Opinions vary on everything from paint colors and fixtures to appliances and special features. It is sometimes necessary to exclude or simplify features in order to stay on budget and on schedule. Agreeing where to cut can be difficult for couples and families, so take into consideration what is important to everyone and work together to determine a plan.
We believe keeping an expert custom home design team at your side to walk you through the design-build process is vital. It help to ensure you move into a home you expect and cherish for years to come. Let the team at Authentic Custom Homes help you turn your dream into a reality.