4 Tips to Stick to Your Custom Home Budget

Our job as a home builder is to complete client projects on time and within budget. We have a love-hate relationship with budgets; they can be scary, but the most successful home projects start and end with thoughtful budgets. They allow us to understand and control costs throughout the design-build process and help us deliver a finished product that doesn’t break the bank. We’ve put together a short list of a tips that can make managing the budget for your custom home easier.

  1. Know your budget

    Determining what you can honestly afford  helps set realistic expectations from the very beginning. Start by sharing your overall budget with your builder. From there, the builder can give you a comprehensive breakdown of costs that you can reference throughout construction.

  2. Identify priorities

    Choose features you can’t live without from the beginning of the project. Our advice is to make two lists: mandatory features and features you could compromise on if necessary.

  3. Avoid last-minute changes

    We begin the design-build process by asking a series of detailed questions and establishing expectations. This helps us reduce the number of unnecessary changes throughout the build. Last-minute changes can cause significant rework, which can ultimately break your budget.

  4. Talk to your builder

    An advantage of designing and building a custom home is that the client can personalize features and finishes. It’s our job to set realistic expectations and limitations so their selections fit into the overall budget.

Determining the cost of a custom home isn’t always straightforward. The cost to build is greatly influenced by your budget and desired look and features.,. That’s where choosing the right builder can make all of the difference. We are here to help guide you through these difficult decisions and ensure your budget is established and followed.