3 Secrets to Keep Your Custom Home Cool During the Summer

Let’s face it. Texas summers are synonymous with extreme heat. If you’re currently building a custom home, you have the unique advantage of planning ahead and making strategic decisions to combat the heat. We’re all into sharing our Green initiative tips with you, so here are our top 3 most effective tips to keep your home cool and help keep your electricity bill down.

  1. Home Orientation– Home orientation is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to energy efficiency. The home’s orientation in relation to the sun can dramatically impact how the home cools. Positioning the rooms with the most glass either north or south is ideal. Also, work with your home builder to design a floor plan that allows you to take advantage of the natural light. Pro tip: Take advantage of the natural landscape and allow large trees to offer significant heat-reducing shade.
  2. Heating/Cooling Unit Design– At Authentic Custom Homes, everything about your home design is custom, including your A/C plan. Our A/C contractor creates a custom design for each home based on the position and size of the house. Typically, more than one unit is used in a larger home or we include a separate unit in the part of the house that people don’t live in on a regular basis (think guest room or secondary bedrooms).
  3. Choosing the Right Glass– Choosing the right glass for your windows and doors is essential to keeping the cool in and keeping the heat out, which is why we use Low-E Double Insulated Glass. The Low-E coating minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through the glass, while the dual pane conserves significantly more energy than single pane windows.

At Authentic Custom Homes we focus on utilizing energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable materials and technologies. As a Green Certified Builder, we construct homes that exceed Energy Star. By surpassing these stringent standards set forth by the U.S. Government, our clients make their homes work smarter for them, saving money year after year on utility and maintenance bills over the life of their home. We support energy efficient technology with on-site testing to ensure performance, providing an added layer of confidence for our clients.

To learn more about what you can do to “go green,” visit the Buy Energy Efficient website  and check out Energy Stars’ tips on efficiently heating and cooling your home.