Tips for Savvy Electrical Design that Make Your Life Easier

We recently completed the electrical walk through for our spec home in Cordillera Ranch, and while it may not be the most exciting activity in the custom home building process, the electrical walk through is essential. During the electrical walk through, the client, decorator, electrician, VP of construction and construction coordinator meet to review the electrical plan and verify placement of switches and plugs.

A lot of thought and consideration goes into a home’s electrical design. We start by creating an electrical plan based on code and our client’s lifestyle. Our decorator then works with our client to select the light fixtures and fans that complement the style and character of the house.

Prior to the walkthrough, our electrician installs the boxes for electrical plugs and switches but doesn’t run the wiring (in case the design changes). Once on the construction site, the VP of construction leads the client through each room and outdoor space and explains the location of the plugs and switches. They verify that the lights are in the right location and that they will provide sufficient light. He will also ask the client if there is a need for any three or four-way switches (which allow you to turn the light on with one switch and turn it off with another).

Pro Outlet Placements

  • Master closet for an iron or steamer
  • Pantry for appliances or items that need to be charged
  • Stairways, porches, and under eaves for Christmas lights
  • In the floor, especially in living areas, where the couch and other furniture may be situated away from a wall

Also consider adding a light switch by the bed so you can turn the light off once you’re in bed. Want a sneak peek of the lighting in our spec home? Here are just a few samples of the selections we’ve made.

light1 light2 light3 light4 light5