4 Signs You’ve Chosen a Trustworthy Custom Home Builder

Choosing a home builder you can trust is the most crucial element in the custom home building process. Sure, you can choose a builder based on their experience or portfolio; however, we’ve found that choosing a builder based on their values and business model can lead to an exceptional customer experience and a one-of-a-kind home. Whether or not you choose Authentic Custom Homes as your builder, we love to share our knowledge of the homebuilding experience with whoever needs guidance. Over the years, our team has identified clues to look for in a trustworthy custom home builder.

  1. They ask the right questions.
    From the get-go, a trustworthy home builder asks a lot of questions. The questions won’t just focus on your home; they will focus on you. The home builder wants to learn about your family, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, your budget and more. The more questions your builder asks, the better. This open dialogue will contribute to a solid foundation that will drive the entire design-build process.
  2. They temper expectations.
    Most clients already have a dream for their custom home the second they walk through the builder’s door. A builder’s job is to take what they’ve learned from asking good questions and create a realistic design-build plan that is within the client’s budget. An experienced builder will have a solid grasp on cost and will be able to let a client know if their expectations are realistic or if they have room to spare.
  3. They are honest, even if what they have to say is not what you want to hear.
    Communicating delays or setbacks with a client is never fun. However, trustworthy builders aim to be honest and forthright, even when it’s not easy.
  4. They will turn down jobs if expectations don’t align.
    Sometimes turning down jobs is necessary. The last thing a builder wants to do is waste the client’s time (or their own company’s time) if vision and processes don’t align. A mutually beneficial relationship makes the home building process a rewarding experience for everyone.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you are just in the beginning stages of building a home. We know the process can be stressful or overwhelming, especially for first-timers. If you plan for the basics now, you can help ensure your home is completed on time, on budget, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.