The Technology Behind Authentic Custom Homes

At Authentic Custom Homes, we try to stay up to date on technological trends and advancements that could make our company processes more efficient. We believe the best home designers and builders are adaptive and embrace change when it can mean a positive experience for our clients.


We know that building a custom home is an exciting process and that our clients are eager and excited to stay up to date on the progress of their home. This is why we use BuilderTrend. BuilderTrend is a construction management software for home builders. With this tool, our clients can take advantage of daily logs, progress photos, job notes, blueprints, punch lists, and a robust mobile app.

Part of positioning ourselves as easily findable by our customers and the community is maintaining an effective website. We redesigned our site two years ago to make it easier for users to find the information they need, contact us, and explore our build portfolio. Our goal is that our website showcases our work and provides helpful resources for people looking to build a custom home.

Social Media

Authentic Custom Homes has a presence on Facebook, Houzz, and Pinterest where users can read more about our company, explore homeowner stories, and gather inspiration for their own home design. We love sharing ideas and interacting with the the community on social media.

Always In Touch

While not exactly considered to be “modern technologies,” cell phones and email keep us connected to our projects around the clock. We’re always in contact with our construction supervisors. This allows us to tackle any issues that arise in a timely manner.

While modern technologies help keep our business running efficiently, nothing can replace an in-person meeting where we connect with our clients. These meetings allow us to learn more about the homeowners and build trust. We’re always here for questions and ideas on how to better connect with the community.