Green home builders

As the environment continues to be a hot button issue, more and more companies have promoted and sold “green” — or environmentally friendly — products.

We are green certified builders

Various green building certification programs are available to help builders create more sustainable and resource-efficient homes. As we evaluate them, we often find that our building practices we have had in place for years have met or exceed program standards.

At Authentic Custom Homes we focus on utilizing energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable materials and technologies. As a Green Certified Builder, we construct homes that exceed Energy Star and are verified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). By surpassing these stringent standards set forth by both the U.S. Government and independent agencies, our clients make their homes work smarter for them, saving money year after year on utility and maintenance bills over the life of their home. We support energy efficient technology with on-site testing to ensure performance, providing an added layer of confidence for our clients.

As the Texas Hill Country continues to grow, we want to maximize our resources and design and build homes that complement our beautiful community. In our opinion it is always a great time to consider green!

To learn more about what you can do to “go green,” visit the Buy Energy Efficient website  and check out Energy Stars’ tips on efficiently heating and cooling your home.